Brier City Council Minutes

July 29, 2003

Mayor Kaske called the Special Meeting of the Brier City Council to order at 7:30 PM, and the flag salute was given.


Roll Call:

Present:            Councilmembers Doolittle, Starks, Morgan, Colinas, Gipson, Jordan, and Warner.


New Business:

Mayor Kaske stated that he is representing Administration so he removed himself from the table and turned the Chair over to Mayor Protem Colinas. Mayor Protem Colinas opened for discussion consideration of the three lot Short Plat Application for Tim Munnis at 22426 Brier Road. Councilmember Jordan arrived at 7:34 PM. Tim Munnis hung a plat map on the corkboard and explained his short plat application. Councilmember Doolittle arrived at 7:35 PM. Mayor Kaske explained the City’s position regarding the application and explained the correspondence between Mr. Munnis and the City and identified, on the plat map pages, items that had been omitted on the engineer’s drawings. There was Council discussion with Mayor Kaske and the applicant regarding the location of a manhole and underground power to the three lots. City participation in the cost of installing underground power and latecomer fees were discussed. Councilmember Gipson moved and Councilmember Warner seconded to amend Resolution No. 470 to include the Planning Commission’s recommendations in the Action Transmittal dated July 23, 2003, in total, regarding the manhole. Motion Carried with Councilmember Jordan opposing. Park Mitigation was discussed. Councilmember Doolittle left the meeting at 9:31 PM. Council discussion of impact fees continued. Councilmember Colinas moved and Councilmember Starks seconded to grant Preliminary Plat Approval for Shortplat Application SP03-03 subject to approval as to form and the corrected revisions to Resolution No. 470 including the drawing dated June 15th, a park mitigation fee of $3,000 total, including Planning Commission recommendation regarding power, and crediting $3,000 for sanitary sewer connections plus $150 per lot for storm. Motion Carried.


Mayor Protem Colinas informed Council that Ed Walker just gave Council seven pages to read regarding his appeal. Ed Walker asked for a legislative review process rather than setting a date for an administrative appeal and stated that he never wanted to appeal. Councilmember Colinas moved and Councilmember Warner seconded that the Council not accept the appeal from Mr. Walker as it was not timely per Brier City Ordinance and the appeal fee to be refunded to Mr. Walker. Motion Carried.


Mayor Kaske informed Council that they will be getting his written resignation in the next few weeks and he will be leaving public office near the end of September. Mayor Kaske informed Council that, on July 31st, the first distribution of backfill should be received from the State and deposited in the City’s account. Mayor Kaske informed Council that the Fire District would like to talk about fire services and asked for volunteers to participate at a meeting. Councilmember Morgan and Councilmember Colinas volunteered to meet with the Fire District and with the City of Mountlake Terrace to discuss fire services. August 20th was an acceptable date for both at 5 PM at City Hall.


Councilmember Gipson gave a copy of the budget rework from Bill Cushman to the Mayor.


Councilmember Starks moved and Councilmember Jordan seconded to adjourn. Motion Carried and the meeting adjourned at 10:35 PM.

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