City of Brier, Washington


August 23, 2022

Mayor Kaemingk called the regular Brier City Council Meeting to order at 7:00 PM and flag salute was given.


Roll Call:

Present: Mayor Kaemingk, Councilmembers Gallagher, Krienke, Lockhart, Moran, and Nick.

Absent: Councilmembers Marley and Rosman.

Staff: Clerk-Treasurer Swisher, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Snowden, Chief Almquist


Public Requests & Oral Communications:

Robbie Mize, Brier, an Eagle Scout from Troop 60, gave a presentation to construct and install bat boxes in Brierwood Park as part his Eagle Scout project.


Reports of Committees & City Officials:

Councilmember Gallagher reviewed claim checks on August 19th.

Swearing in of Officer Munn:

Mayor Kaemingk opened for the swearing in of Officer Munn. Chief Almquist introduced Officer Munn and gave a brief description of her background.


Approval of Minutes:

Mayor Kaemingk opened for consideration approval of the Brier City Council Minutes of August 9, 2022. Motion: Approve the Brier City Council Minutes of August 9, 2022. Moved by Councilmember Lockhart, Seconded by Councilmember Nick. Motion Carried.


Unfinished Business:

Mayor Kaemingk opened the discussion with the South County Fire Intergovernmental Committee. Fire Chief Hovis introduced the members that were present and turned the floor over to the Chair of the Intergovernmental Committee Commissioner Chan. Commissioner Chan expressed the need to partner for annexation to the RFA. There was discussion between the Council and the Committee regarding the cost, parity and level of service.


Miscellaneous Business by Call of Councilmembers & City Officials:

Chief Almquist gave a department update and an update regarding the audit performed by WCIA regarding risks pertaining to the City and claim payouts. The focus of the audit being the Policy and Procedures manual followed by the Police Department.

Auditing of Accounts:

Mayor Kaemingk opened for consideration approval of the August 2022 Claim Checks. Motion: Approve the August 2022 Claim Checks No. 43940 through No. 43946 and Checks No. 43948 through No. 43989 in the amount of $162,882.80. Moved by Councilmember Gallagher, Seconded by Councilmember Nick. Motion Carried.



Mayor Kaemingk declared the meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

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