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June 17, 2004

Commission Chairman Szalda called the meeting to order at 7: 30 PM.

ROLL CALL: Present: Commissioners Szalda and Zenk.


  1. Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion to discuss Civil Service Rule 6.2 - Minimum Medical Requirements. Chief Holmes gave overview of the letters received from Dr Peck and the City Attorney and summarized both their opinions are that Officer DeKoning is eligible for employment. Dr. Peck is an Ophthalmologist in Edmonds who was recommended by Edmonds Family Medical. Dr. Peck does the Medical LEOFF Exams for the Edmonds Police Department and he has experience with the LEOFF system. Commissioner Szalda stated Officer DeKoning is not eligible under the current rules so it would take a revision. Chief Holmes referred to the City Attorney's letter giving the opinion our standards are not applicable to LEOFF II officers. Commissioner Zenk recommended amending our current rules and posting the amendment for the following meeting. Discussion. Commissioner Zenk moved to make amendment to Brier Civil Service Rule 6.2 using the language from the City of Seattle Civil Service Rules Medical Examination Content and Procedures first paragraph. Commissioner Szalda seconded. Motion carried.

  2. Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion Public Safety Testing.Com. Chief Holmes informed the Commission we received our first list of candidates from Public Safety Testing last month and we have Oral Board Exams set for June 23, 2004. Chief Holmes gave update on Public Safety Testing protocol for obtaining future lists. We would need to Oral Board all new candidates using the same questions, the same Oral Board basically, give them a final score then plug those scores in where they happen to fall in the list. Every time an Oral Board is given and candidates are placed in the list, the Commission would have to certify that list. Commissioner Szalda asked what criteria would be used to determine if there would be another Oral Board. Chief Holmes stated it would be predicated on job openings. The official certified list from Civil Service will be valid for one year. Discussion. Chief stated we should have a list for the Commission to certify next month.

  3. Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion New Civil Service Rules. Chief Holmes stated the last time he spoke with Tom Evans he was told he was putting something together and would get it to him but he has not seen anything yet. The Commission would like the Chief to check into the status of the new rules as getting them updated is a high priority. Commissioner Szalda requests this subject be placed on the agenda until resolved.

Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion Provisional Appointment. Chief Holmes explained
  1. Officer Berg's initial status with the department was as an Emergency Appointment because at that time he wasn't on any eligibility list through Civil Service. Chief states after doing some research into the current Civil Service rules he found there is a difference between Provisional and Emergency Appointments. The difference being a Provisional Appointee must be on a current Eligibility List and an Emergency Appointee does not. Also a Provisional Appointee can remain in the position until it is filled permanently and an Emergency Appointee can only serve for six months in a calendar year. Chief Holmes is concerned we may loose Officer Berg because we are not calling him the right thing as he is now on the Lateral Eligibility List. Discussion. Discussed RCW 41.14.060(7) which allows appointments to be extended for a period up to one year. Commissioner Zenk moved to extend Officer Scott Berg's appointment not to exceed December 31, 2004 and Commissioner Szalda seconded. Motion Carried.

  2. Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion the Physical Medical Examination Information Received from the Everett Clinic. Chief Holmes states one of the items in the e-mail received that has not been discussed was discontinuing the full back or spine x-rays. Evidently in her opinion the reason they did that was because the value of the x-rays were little to none compared to the exposure radiation that they are putting their patients through. Commissioner Zenk asked that this topic be placed on the agendas under old business and follow up on this information.

  1. Commissioner Zenk requests the Commission be notified when the Police Department is looking for Provisional hires.

  2. Commissioner Zenk inquired about what was decided would transpire regarding the status of the Civil Service Rules update. Chief stated he will call Tom Evans to see how they are coming with new rules and try to get a time line from him. If for some reason it is not soon then we will go ahead and work with other agency rules and try to adapt them to us.

  3. Chief Holmes inquired as to where the meetings will be held pending City Hall construction. Secretary Halverson stated the meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the month at the Brier Library at 7:30 PM.

  4. Commissioner Zenk requests in the interim of meetings any information received regarding rules status be forwarded to them.

  5. It was determined the meeting scheduled for July 1st is cancelled pending the availability of the Entry Level List for certification at which time an Emergency Meeting will be scheduled.
ADJOURNMENT: Commissioner Szalda moved and Commissioner Zenk seconded to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Szalda declared the meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

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