City of Brier, Washington


Meeting will be held at the Brier Library

November 8, 2004

Commission Chairman Szalda called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.


ROLL CALL: Present: Commissioners Szalda and Zenk.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Commissioner Zenk moved and Commissioner Szalda  seconded to approve the Civil Service Commission Meeting Minutes of September 2, 2004.  Motion carried.




A.                  Chief Don Lane introduced himself and gave a brief biography of his law enforcement experience. Discussion ensued regarding the status of the police department and goals.


B.            Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion the hire of a Lateral Officer. Chief Lane reported Officer Scott Berg resigned his Provisional position and took a full-time position with the Sultan Police Department. Lateral Officer Candidate, Brian Osborn, has been offered and accepted the position upon completion of his background.




A.                  Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion the status of the new Civil Service Rules. Officer Murphy had previously revamped the Puyallup and Poulsbo Civil Service rules to pertain to Brier. It was determined Chief Lane would review them and cut and paste them together to fit Brier’s needs. Chief Lane will give an update on the status at the January meeting.


B.                  Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion the Physical Medical Examination Requirements. Nothing new to report.




A.         2005 CIVIL SERVICE BUDGET – Civil Service Secretary Halverson reported she submitted a request to the Mayor to increase the Civil Service Commission budget to allow for funding to attend the 2005 Civil Service Conference. Secretary Halverson will notify the Commissioners of the outcome via e-mail when the budget is passed.


ADJOURNMENT: Commissioner Zenk moved and Commissioner Szalda seconded to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Szalda declared the meeting adjourned at 7:26 PM.

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