City of Brier, Washington


July 6, 2005
7:30 pm

Commission Chairman Szalda called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM.


ROLL CALL: Present: Commissioners Szalda and Nixdorf.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Commissioner Nixdorf moved and Commissioner Szalda seconded to approve the   Civil Service Commission Meeting Minutes of April 7, 2005.  Motion carried.




A.                  Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion the status of the new Civil Service Rules. Civil Service Secretary Halverson gave an update on the status of the new rules. The rules have been forwarded to the Civil Service Attorney, Steve Dijulio, who has reported he has looked them over and will be contacting the Commission to set up a meeting to go over his suggestions and critics. Secretary Halverson will inform the Commission of the date and time of the meeting to confirm attendance. The Commission suggests we inquire on the possibility of Mr. Dijulio forwarding his suggested changes via email and then determine if the Commission needs to meet with him.




A.                  Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion Senate HB 108 requiring pre-hire polygraph and psychological screening for law officer jobs. Chief Lane informed the Commission SB 108 has made it mandatory for all law enforcement agencies to complete polygraph and psychological testing on all newly hired law enforcement officers, including Reserve Officers. The applicant can be charged up to $400 for these tests. Chief Lane reports the intention is to collect the fee prior to testing. We will not bill the applicant. The law is effective July 24, 2005. It was decided further discussion on the matter and collection of the fee would be handled through the Mayor and City Council.


B.                  Commissioner Szalda opened for discussion the police department’s need for Emergency Appointments and applicants. Chief Lane gave a report on the status of officers currently employed with Brier Police Department and the possible need for Emergency Appointment; Officer Osborn will be going to work for MLTPD around August 15th. Officer Batiot will be off the road beginning August 5th due to pregnancy.  Officer Johnson has informed the Chief he will be taking employment with Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office sometime in August. Officer Dekoning reports he has applied with Snohomish Police Department.  Chief reports numerous Lateral applicants have been interviewed but have failed background investigation. One entry level applicant has completed his background and will be attending the Academy starting August 30th. 


Discussion ensued regarding establishing a new entry level list and the        process in doing so. It was determined an oral board would be offered to applicants and a new list established as soon as possible. Upon completion of the oral boards and scoring of the applicants the list will be forwarded to the Commission for certification.


Discussion ensued regarding emergency appointments. The Chief reports he does not have anyone who wishes to take an emergency appointment at this time. Commissioner Szalda suggested the Chief look into using other agency officers on temporary basis until full-time officers are hired.




            A.  None.


ADJOURNMENT: Commissioner Nixdorf moved and Commissioner Szalda seconded to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Szalda declared the meeting adjourned at 8: 15 PM.

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