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    City of Brier Police Department

    Police Department

    Police Department Update - 9/24/2021

    The search to find new staff for our Brier Police Department Officers is going well.

    The supervision and the supplemental support of our own Officers from the Snohomish County Sheriff's office has proven to be very effective. Sergeant Nathan Alanis is an experienced and thoughtful supervisor for our current Police Officers and staff. He has been well received and help promote much needed training and equipment acquisition. In addition, Sheriff's office deputies have been patrolling our city as outlined in the agreement with Snohomish County.

    We have three potential lateral Police Officers that have applied to serve here in Brier. This recent increase in applicants is very encouraging. Following normal protocols, these Officers are undergoing interviews and investigations as required. In addition, the search authorized by the City Council for a new Police Chief is ongoing. This nation-wide search is being conducted by a well-known recruitment firm.

    We continue to cooperate with other local cities as we depend upon each other to provide excellent Police services in South Snohomish County. As always, our primary goal is to continue to provide a fast and effective response whenever emergency services are required in our community.

    Dale Kaemingk - Mayor of Brier

    Welcome to the website of the Brier Police Department. I hope you will find the information contained here to be very useful and informative.

    On a daily basis the men and women of the Brier Police Department strive to deliver the highest level of service possible to this community. You can be assured that we are constantly reaching for that level of professionalism that reflects the faith and trust you, the citizens of Brier, put in us.

    We offer a full range of police services from Animal Control, Crime Prevention, Patrol and Investigations to Fingerprinting and a Traffic Violations Bureau. The commissioned staff provides 24/7 coverage throughout our jurisdiction and stand ready to assist our neighboring agencies when mutual aid needs arise. We endeavor to field the best technology available to provide public safety, ensure excellent investigations and successful prosecutions.

    It is my belief that the only reason we have the success we enjoy is because of the terrific cooperation support we receive from members of our community, the City Council and all the City departments. Recognizing this, the Police Department will continue to build on cooperative efforts that involve you, the public.

    Brier City Hall | 2901 228th St. SW | Brier, Washington 98036
    (425) 775-5440 | Fax (425) 672-9025 |