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    Brier Police Fax (425)673-7527

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    Brier Ranked #2
    Safest City
    in Washington

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    City of Brier Police Department

    As Chief of Police for the Brier Police Department, I am honored to serve alongside our dedicated officers and staff. Our department is guided by a set of core values that define our commitment to excellence:

    Courage: signifies a commitment to face difficulties with bravery and resilience, empowering us to make tough decisions, uphold justice, and confront adversity head-on.

    Integrity: represents a steadfast commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, cultivating a culture of trust among our team and the community

    Service: underscores our dedication to prioritizing the well-being of individuals and neighborhoods, fostering trust through empathetic and responsive interactions.

    Proficiency: highlights our dedication to maintaining a high level of expertise in law enforcement practices, technology, and evolving challenges. Continuous Improvement: embodies our dedication to learning from experiences, adapting to emerging challenges, and embracing innovative solutions to enhance the effectiveness of our law enforcement efforts.

    Our mission is clear: to protect lives and property, minimize crime and fear, and improve overall quality of life. We achieve this by working closely with you, our valued residents. Brier enjoys a low crime rate and an outstanding quality of life, and it is our duty to maintain this standard. Our officers are committed to respectful interactions, grounded in our core values. We listen, engage, and collaborate to address your needs effectively. Our improved officer staffing ensures prompt and efficient service.

    If you share our passion for service, consider joining our team. As a Brier police officer, you'll find steadfast support from city leadership, the mayor, and the City Council. Our police leadership is dedicated to your professional and personal growth. Our community supports and appreciates your service - there isn't a better place to serve as a police officer.

    Thank you for being an essential part of our community. Together, we will make Brier a safer and better place for all.

    Alexander Hawley
    Chief of Police

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    Brier City Hall | 2901 228th St. SW | Brier, Washington 98036
    (425) 775-5440 | Fax (425) 672-9025 |