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Storm Water Management

What Stormwater Services Do the Public Works
Employees Provide?

Besides flood prevention, water quality protection, and maintenance of public storm water conveyance systems, the division provides the following services:

  • Emergency Response. If you observe anything that might be an emergency, such as flooding, fish or wildlife kill, or drain cover missing, call (425)775-5440

  • Water quality compliance to meet state and federal requirements. Cities nationwide are now required to provide programs preventing and controlling storm water pollution. City staff will investigate all reports of surface water quality problems and provide technical assistance to private and commercial property owners to comply with state and local standards. The utility is also conducting drainage system work on city maintained systems to meet local and national water quality standards.

  • Private system maintenance inspection. The utility routinely inspects commercial storm water conveyance systems to assure optimum functioning of the entire city system. For information, call (425) 775-5440.

  • Educational programs. The Public Works department provides information to schools, businesses, and homeowners groups. For more information please email the public works department at bpworks@ci.brier.wa

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Download the Brochure

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