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June 21, 2023
7:00 PM

Chair DeMorett called the Brier Planning Commission meeting to order at 7:03 PM.



Present: Commissioners DeMorett, Campbell, Hanson, Othman, Parsons and Schneider.

Absent: Commissioner Rosman.

Staff: Planner Michaelis



Chair DeMorett opened for consideration approval of the May 17, 2023 Planning Commission minutes. Motion: Approve the May 17, 2023 Planning Commission minutes, Moved by Commissioner Schneider, Seconded by Commissioner Parsons. Motion Carried.





Chair DeMorett opened the Public Hearing at 7:05 PM, for Preliminary Plat Approval for Izabella's Ridge No. SUB22-01. The proposal is a subdivision of three existing parcels totaling 5.87 acres, into twelve single family residential lots and a stormwater detention tract. Planner Michaelis gave an overview of the plat details.

The applicant, Andrew Lofstedt gave a detailed review of the project.

Ann Gigli of Lake Forest Park, advised that fence at the south end of the property is not really there and asked who are the property owners.

Marele Wyzgowski of Brier, said the signage for the plat was not placed on the correct property and advised this plat is being built over a ravine and will destroy a wildlife corridor. He feels that tract 999 and lot 12 will create water related problems.

Margaret Cassady of Brier, she supports increased density but there is a bald eagle nest near this property, if they are building within 660 feet of the nest you are required to get a permit. And would like as many significant trees retained as possible.

William Bartig of Brier, feels that the city is not following the tree code as it is intended, more viable trees should be required. He would like the City Council to make stronger environmental protections.

Melissa Sargent of Lake Forest Park, is shocked that they only heard about this project in the last two weeks. She is concerned about the driveway access lot 9 has into Lake Forest Park and construction vehicles accessing the site through Lake Forest Park. She would like to see the driveway access from lot 9 into Lake Forest Park removed.

Samantha Russell of Brier, is concerned that the public presence tonight will not make any impact on tonight's recommendation.

Lisa Trifiletti of Lake Forest Park, is concerned about the old growth trees being removed and what type of trees they are being replaced with. Wants to see the access lot 9 has into Lake Forest Park removed.

Donna LeFevre of Lake Forest Park, would like to know who is responsible for maintaining any fence built at the south end of the property.

Jerry Berg of Lake Forest Park, is disappointed that a representative from Lake Forest Park was not at this meeting. He would like in writing from the applicant that the driveway access from lot 9 into Lake Forest Park be removed.

Christine Vonhoffmann of Lake Forest Park, said it was in the 80's that the driveway from lot 9 into Lake Forest Park was installed. She is also concerned for the deer in the area.

Matt Smith of Brier, he is concerned for the deer and where they will live. He also questioned that the lot sizes meet the 12,500 square feet minimum.

Sarah Martin of Brier, asked how much money will this development bring in for the City of Brier.

There was Commissioner discussion.

Commissioner Parsons asked where three trees are located on the property and is it possible to retain them. He is concerned about the tree plan accuracy.

Commissioner Othman asked how does the applicant plan to stop access from lot 9 into Lake Forest Park.

The Public Hearing closed at 8:33 PM.

Planner Michaelis read Commissioner Rosman comments, to add neighborhood connector to Horizon View Park.

Motion: To recommend approval to City Council the Resolution for Preliminary Plat Approval for Izabella's Ridge No. SUB22-01 as outlined by City staff with the following conditions:

1.      Upon recording of final plat, remove the vehicle access from lot 9 heading into Lake Forest Park and install a six-foot-high solid wood fence.

2.      All construction vehicles must enter and exit from Alaska Road.

Moved by Commissioner Schneider, Seconded by Commissioner Hanson. Motion Carried.



Chair DeMorett declared the meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

In accordance with the requirements of title II of the American's with Disabilities Act of 1990, should you need special accommodations please contact Paula Swisher, City Clerk-Treasurer at 425-775-5440 with one weeks notice.

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